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In this article, I want to tell you the #1 tip to learn English conversation. I’m sharing this with you because I wish someone had told me this when I was studying my second language (Russian). I wish I hadn’t wasted years of my life using the wrong courses and the wrong methods. I finally spent a year or so, researching how adults learn a second language. And this is what I discovered…

The #1 tip to learn English conversation is: You need to use many techniques, not just one.

Is the secret really that simple?

Yes, it is. And here’s why:

When you learned your own language, you learned it many different ways. You learned by hearing your parents speak. You learned by watching TV. You learned from childrens’ books. You learned by talking to other children. You learned by listening to music. All these methods together are what made you fluent in your language.

Watching TV

Adults need a similar amount of varied inputs. If you make the mistake of following a course that uses just audio, or worse, just text….you will not learn that way. You might learn some phrases, and you might learn to read…but you will not learn conversational English. You will not learn to speak English well.

So, if you are considering using an online course to learn English, you must make sure that the course uses a variety of techniques.

When you are choosing your new English course, please do what the smartest students do. They ask…

…Does the course have multiple native speakers?

…Does the course teach meaning from context?

…Does the course use both audio and video?

…Does the course emphasize constructions? (This is vital!)

…Does the course teach grammar through the use of patterns (as opposed to rules)?

…Does the course teach pronunciation in small steps (something known as Bridging)?

All of those techniques above are vital to your success. Not just one or two. You need a course that uses all of them. This is so important, I must repeat it: If you want to learn English conversation, the #1 tip is to choose a course that teaches you by using many different techniques and methods.

Unfortunately, most courses use only one, maybe two, techniques. For example, there is a popular English course which teaches idioms. The phrases they teach are certainly useful, but what’s wrong is HOW they teach you. Their course uses PDF files for the written conversation, and only two speakers. That’s not enough inputs. You will learn very little this way, and you certainly won’t keep the phrases in your long-term memory. So, watch out for courses like that. If you truly want to learn English conversation, the #1 tip you must remember is: Choose a course that uses numerous teaching methods.

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Mark Thomson is an expert in both learning and teaching language. Among the courses he has created are: Master Fluent English, Speak Fluent English, and the English Mastery Method series.

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