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#1 Secret to English Fluency is to master Real Speech Patterns.
These are difference between Fluent English speakers and lower-level speakers.

It’s really important to understand and master Real Speech Patterns.
If you have any questions about the video leave a comment, or look me up on Face book, and I’ll be sure to answer.

  1. Gabriel bedrani

    It’s really interting,I have been to U.S,it was difficult for me to understand people!
    This course is clear and easy to understand.
    Thanks Mark.

  2. Daniel.

    I like your video. I want learn english. But How much?
    Thank you.


  3. Pala Kolanda

    Hi, Please provide details on your course fee.


  4. dinesh

    I’m dinesh from india & working in caterpiller engineering services, i want to request u to about fluent ,
    i’m studing in my mother thonge in my school bcz lack of communication and lack of understanding of US AND BRITISH ACCENT so i neet your help for improve my performance as like as native speaker.

    +91 9566177468

  5. Jenny Joseph

    I like the maner you learn to speak english. So i’d like to participate at your course and help to speak english like a native speaker. It’s easy your maner.


    u r awsumn!!! i wnt to speak english fluently !!! plzz sir help mee!!! thnks

  7. Pradip Nag

    I want speak english fluently.

  8. aqua gomez

    loooooooooooooooove the way you teach!thnx lovely!

  9. Md Habib

    Hello sir Md. Habib here i have seen your videos and your kind suggestion of how one’s speaking english. speaking fluent english really sir it build up my confidence before i had lots of weakness after your suggestion it going out by and by . Sir i wanna join you to learn fluent english please. please help me. because still i have a lot of weaknes.

  10. Mojtaba ( Arjomandi)

    Mojtaba ( Arjomandi)

    My compassionate professor,
    I like improving my listening & I want to listen to many listenings that are about different subjects.
    If may help me & If may the listening that you send for me should be free.
    please guide me,
    I kiss your hands,

  11. kothai

    Hi this is kothai, I need to join with u to develop my fluency

  12. Ana

    This is the first time that I’m able to understand what a “Fluent English” is. THANK YOU

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